Text animation tutorial for After effects and Vegas by Dany Baron

tutorial after effects

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Watch it HD or Download it! Sorry for my english, it wasn't that easy for me cause I am german. And I probaly will make alot more tutorials soon, but only if the people like it, so please rate 5star and comment :) Feel free to post a video-response with YOUR text animation try! My animated backrounds www.file-upload.net HQ Downloadlink: www.megaupload.com Media gothic font: www.dafont.com And my wallpaper for everyone who wants it :D www.abload.de Btw, ofcourse you can do it all in after effects though, but the reason why I used vegas for it is mainly because alot css editers ONLY got sony vegas, you also can see that in the comments like "where u got ae from?" etc.. and so the tutorial helps them who only got vegas aswell, because they can see that they could've made the text in vegas only, too. And the rendering takes not that long for a short text though, and my way is easier (to me) I think ;D


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Artiste : tutorial after effects
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