How to build a website

hosting tutorial

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Free Software to build your website at: Learn how to make money online even if you are on a budget get some free video training at Building a web site in a few minutes flat is not all that hard now days! It looks like anyone can now have a really good-looking website. Most are very easy to use. I like this software for several reasons. One it's free, like most of them, however this one has a lot of whistles and bells to build a fantastic website. But even more importantly if you get stumped they have video tutorials, community forum for 24 support, and even live customer support. Have you ever wanted a web site for your own business like mine or hobby that you have complete control on the editing of the content any time and with no charge. This is it. Sure there are many other ones on this site to. And most are good, but have limitations. Another great thing about this free software is the company offers affordable hosting, you get a free domain name with the service if you choose to use them. Also if you all ready have a hosting site you're happy with you can still use the software and just upload to your hosting site. You know up until now, if you wanted a website, you would commission a web designer who would likely charge you $100 for a page web site. A few months or weeks down the road you need to amend or alter something on the website. You go back to the web designer who will be pleased to do this for you -- then you receive...


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